Integrated Brands

  • Anthony's Pizza & Pasta
  • Autopay
  • Banctek
  • Behm Financial
  • Canyon
  • Chanda Plan Foundation
  • Coda Coffee
  • Craig Hospital
  • Dish Network
  • Don Bernardo Cigars
  • DORA
  • Emerge Medical
  • Escape Goat Soaps
  • ESPN Radio
  • Essentials Clothing
  • Farland Classic Restoration
  • Hope Foods
  • Little Machine Brewery
  • Lydian Gold Mining
  • Matrix Providers
  • Performance Mobility
  • Proprietary Capital
  • TAG Restaurant Group
  • Ziggi's Coffee
  • ben-stockman-owner


    A patriot. A strategic craftsman. A gluten-free pioneer of all things marketing. These are just some of the ways to describe Ben Stockman. Ben is a co-founder of Nichez, meaning that he’s been building his own brand with partner Mike Flaherty for 20 years. At Nichez, Ben is the business side of the business. Meaning that it’s his unique brain that drives the nuts and bolts of the strategic solutions that we build. Ben’s off-campus shenanigans include family bonding, fine dining and washing his car. A lot.

  • mike-flaherty-owner


    Rarely has the expression ‘dude’ been used so often to describe the graphic design skills of an artisan. i.e. “Dude, it’s perfect. I love it.” Time and time again, Mike creates logos, designs, packaging and more that simply nail it. Mike is a co-founder of Nichez and has spent 20 years on the team, striving to find visual and strategic solutions for their client partners. When he’s not using his mad design skills, he’s on a rock face, carving on some kind of board or keeping his family entertained.

  • billy-bacon-code-master


    When the Nichez team puts on their thinking caps and comes up with truly innovative digital concepts, the main question is always “Can it be done?” With Billy Bacon (yes, it’s his real name) on the team, the answer is almost always a resounding “Yes.” Billy’s skills in the digital realm are second to none. From improving the user experience on existing sites to leading the way in new digital thinking, Billy is our answer. Also likes small T-shirts and exercise.

  • tom-van-ness-writing-genius


    With more than 2 and a half decades of creative direction and copywriting under his belt, Tom serves as concept and copy amigo to the Nichez team. Working side-by-side with Billy and Mike, he helps to bring smart and innovative concepts to our clients. Combining old-school craftsmanship with the newest media, Tom always stays on the edge of the creative industry. When he’s not using his brain juice on advertising, Tom can be found fly fishing, eating, hanging around with animals and eating.

  • billy-bacon-code-master


    Calm. Cool. Collected. Kevin. That’s the best way to explain Nichez’ even-keeled office master. From operations to billing to getting a planet of swag dialed in, Kevin is our knight in shining armor. Okay, that’s a bit much but he is a really nice guy. And he has mad skills. When he’s not TCB (taking care of business) at Nichez, he can be found getting fired up about politics and updating his Herbie Husker poster collection.